High supports for Chesterfield Sofas: an interesting detail

High supports are a very interesting detail for Chesterfield Sofa, a particular that may affect the design of the sofa in important way.

As you know, Chesterfield Sofa can have many different kinds of supports, and if you contact a specializing artisan company you can choose your favourite support.

Normally, in Chesterfield sofas there are used wooden supports with round shape, the so called turned legs, bur are available many different supports, too.

In the Chesterfield Sofa that you can admire in the picture, in fact, was chosen a particular wooden support.

This support is higher than the average, and at the same time has an interesting contoured design, very classic.

A detail like this is absolutely perfect for a Chesterfield Sofa, and in the sofa in the picture it recreates a very interesting colour contrast with the leather upholstery.

If you contact a specialized company like VAMA Divani, you can choose freely the supports of your sofa, and high supports are absolutely available!

Orange Chesterfield Sofa: a very original sofa

Orange Chesterfield Sofa is a very original creation: we have already spoken about Chesterfield sofas with unusual colours, and orange is a very special choice.

While having a so particular colour, this Chesterfield Sofa is true to tradition: it has an upholstery in leather, and at the same time it has all the classic finishings and of course the capitonné, the real icon of these ancient English sofas.

The Chesterfield sofa that you can admire in the picture is exactly a two-seater sofa, and its colour doesn’t go unnoticed.

An orange Chesterfield Sofa can be placed in many different contexts: its perfect for a modern or minimal room, but at the same time you can choose it for a classic interior design.

How to find an orange Chesterfield Sofa? Is not simple, objectively, find a sofa like this, so if you like it you can contact an artisan company like VAMA Divani.

This famous Italian company can create for you a customized orange Chesterfield Sofa, in the dimension that you prefer, and it can send it directly at your home, all over the world.

Leatherette Chesterfield sofa: a very prestigious sofa

Leatherette Chesterfield Sofa is a very interesting kind of sofa: what are its peculiarities?

This Chesterfield Sofa is covered by leatherette, a very particular and interesting kind of leather that is different than faux-leather, a common synthetic material.

Leatherette is very robust and durable, but at the same time it has a smaller thickness than the traditional leather: leatherette, in fact, is 1.2 mm deep.

The quality of this material, therefore, is excellent, and its design is special, too: leatherette, in fact, is much appreciated because makes the colours more shiny.

This so special kind of leather is perfect for the upholstery of a luxury sofa like the famous Chesterfield, and in the picture you can admire a very beautiful example: a living room with sofas, armchair and pouf with upholstery in leatherette.

Leatherette Chesterfield Sofa is not very common, so if you are looking for a sofa like this you must contact a specialized company.

The Italian VAMA Divani produced only in traditional way, and can create for you wonderful customized leatherette Chesterfield sofas, armchair and poufs.

Half-moon Chesterfield Pouf: a very interesting element

Poufs are increasingly popular furnishing elements, and today is possible to choose it in many different variants: Half-moon Chesterfield Pouf is one of these.

Chesterfield poufs have this name because are entirely coated in leather and because are finished with the typical decorations of the famous Chesterfield Sofa, first of all the capitonnè.

Half-moon Chesterfield Pouf owes its name to the fact that its top surface has the typical shape of an half-moon.

A pouf like this is perfect to be placed adjacent to the wall, at the same time obviously you can place it in front of your sofa: this pouf is created to be combined with a Chesterfield Sofa, but is not unusual that this pouf is combined with sofas of different type, including modern sofas.

In the picture you can admire a very interesting example of Half-moon Chesterfield Pouf: the capitonnè is well-done on the top surface, instead the lateral facades are perfectly smooth.

This so beautiful pouf is also a model with inner container, so is a very interesting choice not only for its design, but also for its utility.

Half-moon Chesterfield Pouf is not very common: if you like it you can contact VAMA Divani, Italian company that produces only in traditional way and that is specialized in Chesterfield creations.

Turned legs: interesting detail for Chesterfield Sofas

Turned legs can be a very interesting choice for a Chesterfield Sofa, in fact these details are very common for this kind of furniture, just like round shaped legs.

Turned legs are classic and elegant, for this reason are absolutely a first choice for a traditional and luxury sofa like Chesterfield.

These particular legs are handcrafted made by a lathe, a machine that allows you to model each element with a very great precision: the extremely elaborate shape is in fact the main feature of these legs.

Turned legs are made rigorously in wood, and you can choose among many different colour shades, from dark to light.

If you want a done to perfection Chesterfield Sofa you can contact VAMA Divani, famous Italian company specialized just in Chesterfield creations.

VAMA Divani can creates for you wonderful customized Chesterfield sofas with turned legs, and can send them to your home.

High legs Chesterfield Sofa: what is it?

High legs Chesterfield Sofa is an unusual and interesting creation, a sofa that, as you can guess from the name, has legs highest than the average.

When you order a customized Chesterfield Sofa to a specialized artisan company you can freely choose the kind of the legs: variations are many, from the most common models, like the typical rounding shape leg, to unusual models, like mirror squared legs.

If you want an high Chesterfield Sofa you can absolutely request it, and the model that you can admire in the picture is a very interesting example.

This Chesterfield Sofa is a corner Chesterfield Sofa with a cream upholstery made in leather: every detail is executed to perfection and respecting tradition, however at the same time this model has high legs.

These legs do not go unnoticed, and are exactly turned legs in dark wood, a material that creates a very interesting colour contrast with the upholstery.

If you like high legs Chesterfield Sofas and you are looking for one of these you can contact VAMA Divani, Italian company specialized in Chesterfield Sofa that produces only in traditional way.

Bordeaux Chesterfield Sofa: absolutely a classic

Bordeaux Chesterfield Sofa is a wonderful classic creation, a refined and elegant sofa which was made also many centuries ago.

Bordeaux is one of the most common colours of Chesterfield sofas, and it is really perfect for a sofa like this; the loveliness of bordeaux, moreover, is highlighted by the capitonnè, the typical decoration of Chesterfield Sofa.

In the picture you can admire a classic bordeaux Chesterfield Sofa with two seats, but you can choose it in a lot of different variants, for example you can buy a Corner Chesterfield Sofa, or a sofa bed.

VAMA Divani is an Italian company specialized in Chesterfield Sofas, and if you like bordeaux Chesterfield sofa it can propose it to you in many different varieties.

VAMA Divani operates only in the traditional way, so it has no problem to satisfy your request in customized way.

High headboard Chesterfield Bed

High headboard Chesterfield Bed is a very original creation and is not simple to find it: this is in fact an unusual bed designed and created by the Italian company VAMA Divani.

The headboard is of course the protagonist of this piece of furniture, and it’s much higher than normal.

This special all-leather headboard is entirely beautified by the capitonnè, the typical icon of Chesterfield creations, and it’s of course made in a traditional way.

A Chesterfield bed like this can be perfect both in modern and in classic bedrooms, and is a very interesting creations also for its functionality: this is, in fact, a bed with inner storage.

The model that you can admire in picture is grey, VAMA Divani can create for you this sofa in the colour that you prefer.

Corner Chesterfield Sofa with equal sides

We have already spoken in other posts about Corner Chesterfield Sofa, and about their features and their beauty, and a particular variant of this sofa is the model with equal sides.

Corner Chesterfield Sofa with equal sides is a wonderful creation, and is perfect for large rooms.

In the picture you can admire a very interesting example of Corner Chesterfield Sofa with equal sides, a large rounded corner white sofa of which you can accommodate many people at the same time.

This Chesterfield Sofa is ideal to be positioned in a right corner of the room, but at the same time can be an intriguing to place only one side adjacent to the wall: many interior designers, in fact, love this solution.

If you like Corner Chesterfield Sofa with equal sides you can contact VAMA Divani, Italian company specialized in Chesterfield creations that produces only in traditional way.

VAMA Divani can create the customized Chesterfield sofa that you dream.

Light green Chesterfield Sofa: a very special creation

Light green Chesterfield Sofa is a very interesting piece of furnishing, an absolutely rare creation.

Chesterfield Sofa, as you know, is a real icon of classic interior design, in fact it is the oldest sofa in the world, but more and more often customers require it in modern colours.

The most traditional colours of Chesterfield Sofa are of course white, brown, black, red, but if you want you can buy your Chesterfield Sofa in bright colours, and light green Chesterfield Sofa is a wonderful example.

When we speak about green in Chesterfield sofa we refer first of all to the so called English green, a dark and elegant colour, the green of this sofa instead is light and bright, so this sofa is very special.

This sofa, however, is well done in all its parts: its unusual detail is only the colour chosen for the upholstery.

Is not simple to find a sofa like this: if you want a Light green Chesterfield Sofa you can contact a company specialized in Chesterfield creations.

The Italian company VAMA Divani can create for you a customized light green Chesterfield Sofa and can ship it to your door.