Multicolour Chesterfield Pouf: a unique creation

Chesterfield is an appellation assigned to classic furniture, of course, but is not unusual that these creations has original features, as we have seen in many occasions.

Classic style and originality can cohabit also in Chesterfield poufs, and this model is a wonderful example of this!

This multicolour Chesterfield Sofa is a creation by VAMA Divani, famous Italian company specialized in Chesterfield furniture that produces only in traditional way.

VAMA Divani has created this sofa to meet the needs of a very imaginative customer, and the final result is very special, and you can see watching the picture.

This Chesterfield pouf has a lot of particular features, first of all its the big dimensions and the geometric shape.

This pouf is of course a Chesterfield because it has the iconic capitonné on its upper face, at the same time it shows a very particular edge.

The inner part of the pouf is orange, instead the edge is a real triumph of colors!

Another interesting detail of this pouf corresponds to its legs, tall, thin, extremely classic and enriched by little wheels: thanks to this detail is possible to move this pouf on the floor in a very easy way.

A pouf like this can be the absolute protagonist in a classic interior design and in a modern room, too: if you like it, VAMA Divani can realize it for you also in customized way and can send it at your home, all over the world.

Shabby Chic Armchair: suggestive classic creation

Shabby Chic Chesterfield Armchair is a very charming creation, a piece of furniture absolutely perfect for Shabby Chic lovers, but at the same time ideal for a lot of different classic contexts.

Shabby chic is a style that is having a great success, and it’s of course a classic interior design.

In shabby chic is frequent the use of aged furniture items, at the same time are very common suits ornaments and elaborate handmade creations.

Shabby chic has also a specific identity about colours: in this interior design in fact are very common light colours, first of all white, so this wonderful violet armchair is absolutely perfect.

In the picture you can admire a very beautiful example of Shabby Chic Chesterfield Armchair: this model is exactly a Bergere Chesterfield sofa, extremely classic in its structure, and its upholstery is made in a special kind of suede fabric, extremely pleasing to the touch, too.

As you can see, this Shabby Chic Chesterfield Armchair is paired with an elegant pouf in the same style.

Both these creations are made by the VAMA Divani: this Italian company can create for you this and many more Shabby Chic armchair and sofas, sending them directly to your home.

Turquoise Chesterfield Sofa: brightness and vivacity

Torquoise Chesterfield Sofa is a very special variant of this famous British sofa: this colour is decidedly usual in this element of furniture, but it is absolutely suggestive!

We have already spoken about Chesterfield sofas in particular colours, a model similar to this is, for example, is light blue Chesterfield Sofa, but the turquoise version is really unique.

This colour in fact is bright and lively, so a sofa like this can be used in many different contexts: Torquoise Chesterfield Sofa can be a good choice in a classic room, even to donate a touch of colour in a serious interior design, at the same time it can be chosen in a modern context.

Is increasingly frequent that Chesterfield Sofa are used in modern rooms, especially if they have bright colours, and a torquoise Chesterfield Sofa can absolutely be a good protagonist in an interior design like this.

In the picture you can admire a wonderful example of torquoise Chesterfield Sofa, a model created by the famous Italian company VAMA Divani.

The colour is of course the main feature of this Chesterfield Sofa, but it has also some interesting details, or rather black roundish legs and Swarowski buttons.

Changed Chesterfield Sofa: what’s it’s mean?

What is a “changed Chesterfield Sofa”? Is absolutely possible to come across in this definition, so let’s try to understand its mean.

When we speak about a changed Chesterfield Sofa we don’t intend an alter kind of this extremely famous sofas, but this denomination is perfect to underline its particularity.

A changed Chesterfield Sofa is substantially a special kind of Chesterfield Sofa, a model that presents very unusual features.

A changed Chesterfield Sofa can have a lot of different designs, and in the picture you can admire a sofa that is absolutely part of this category.

This model is a Chesterfield Sofa without armrests, and this is a very unusual detail, at the same time it has a very particular backrest which does not go unnoticed!

At the question “what is a changed Chesterfield Sofa?” we can answer that is a customized Chesterfield Sofa, a model that has very particular features.

If you are looking for a sofa like this you must contact a specialized artisan company: VAMA Divani is absolutely a perfect choice, and it can send your sofa all over the world.

Doge Chesterfield Sofa: what is it?

Doge Chesterfield Sofa is a particular variant of Chesterfield sofa, an element of furniture very appreciated for its design and for its comfort.

In the picture you can admire a wonderful example of Doge Chesterfield Sofa, so let’s discover its main features!

First of all, Doge Chesterfield Sofa has a very high backrest, and this is a very important peculiarity.

The unusual large and high backrest is only one of the features of this sofa: Doge in fact has very special armrests, little and smooth, at the same time it has high pillows and a lot of interesting finishes.

Is a very good experience to settle oneself on this sofa, and Doge Chesterfield Sofa is extremely special for its design, too.

This Chesterfield Sofa is very classic and is a perfect idea for a luxurious interior design.

Doge Chesterfield Sofa is not common, so if you want a Chesterfield Sofa like this you have to contact a specialized company.

VAMA Divani is a famous artisan company that produces only in traditional way, and it can satisfy you request also in customized way.

High backrest Chesterfield Sofa

High backrest Chesterfield Sofa is a very special kind of this famous element of furniture, and before discovering its main feature is interesting to underline the peculiarity of the classic Chesterfield backrest.

According to tradition, in a Chesterfield Sofa backrest must have the same height of the armrests, so its height is rather low.

Is not rare that Chesterfield Sofa is chosen in different variant: a more high backrest is a very interesting detail, both because is charming and because is more comfortable.

Is usual, therefore, that consumers requiring this special kind of sofa, and in the picture you can admire a wonderful example of high backrest Chesterfield Sofa.

This element of furniture is called Doge Chesterfield Sofa: its main feature is of course the high backrest, but at the same time it presents other particular details, for example the little and completely smooth armrests and the curved base.

At the same time this sofa has all the typical features of Chesterfield sofa, or rather the leather upholstery (or alternatively a faux-leather upholstery), the capitonné created on the backrest and on the base, and all other finishes.

An High backrest Chesterfield Sofa is of course a wonderful sofa, perfect for a very luxurious context, but at the same time is a very good choice if you want more comfort!

Is not simply to find a Chesterfield Sofa like this, so if you are looking for an high backrest Chesterfield Sofa is a good idea to contact an artisan company: the Italian VAMA Divani has a very great experience in this trade, and can send your high backrest Chesterfield Sofa directly at your home.

Strange Chesterfield Sofa: a very unusual model

Chesterfield Sofa is a very traditional creation, but is not unlikely to discover some particular models.

We have already spoken about unusual Chesterfield sofas, and this kind of “Chester” is very particular.

The main features of this special version of Chesterfield Sofa are the absence of armrests and the strange shape of the backrest, resembling a sort of great armrest.

The design of this sofa is so interesting, and it is at the same time it preserves the most typical features of the traditional Chesterfield Sofa, or rather the leather upholstery, the well done capitonné on the backrest, the smooth seat, the roundish wooden legs.

Is not simply to find a Chesterfield Sofa like this in the market, so if you like it is of course a good idea to contact an artisan company.

An artisan company is of course the right choose, not only because handmade creations are much better that industrial creations: in this way in fact companies can satisfy the requests in customized way.

VAMA Divani is a famous Italian company that can create a Chesterfield Sofa like this and a lot of different version, shipping them all over the world.

Curved armrests Chesterfield Sofa: a very special creation

Curved armrests Chesterfield sofa is a very special kind of Chesterfield Sofa, a wonderful choice for the lovers of this famous English sofa that desire a touch of personality in their furniture.

Chesterfield Sofa has a very strict tradition, but is absolutely possible to customize it, and this is a clear example of this.

This wonderful mode is faithful to tradition, it has in fact a perfectly done capitonné, a leather upholstery and all the typical finishes, at the same time it presents a special particularity, or rather the shape of the armrests.

The armrests of this Chesterfield Sofa presents an unusual roundness that gives style and personality to this creation: the design of this “Chester” is absolutely vintage and very elegant.

Curved armrests are the main feature of this model, at the same time this element of furniture presents other little details, for example metal bullets that embellish the base and the front of the armrests.

You like this unusual Chesterfield Sofa?

If you are looking for a customized version of Chesterfield Sofa you must contact an artisan company like the Italian VAMA Divani.

VAMA Divani has a great experience in this sector, and can realize for you this special Chesterfield Sofa and other customized version.

Old Style Chesterfield Armchair: a very classic creation

Old Style Chesterfield Armchair is a very interesting choice for vintage lovers, so let’s discover its main features.

This armchair is the “sister” of the homonym Chesterfield Sofa, so has the same details.

Of course this wonderful armchair has all the typical features of Chesterfield creations, first of all the capitonnè, or rather the “icon” of Chesterfield world.

An interesting peculiarity of this special Chesterfield armchair is of course the presence of some metallic buttons, a very decorative detail that makes very classic this furniture.

Old Style Chesterfield Armchair presents some little folds on the armrests, and some nice edges too.

It you like the more classic version of Chesterfield Armchair you can contact VAMA Divani: this Italian company works only in traditional way, and can create for you wonderful Old Style Chesterfield Armchairs, even in customized way.