A special double bed: velvet Chesterfield bed

Velvet is a very special material, a real icon of luxury and elegance: we have already spoken about the beauty of a velvet Chesterfield sofa, but this so interesting fabric can be wonderful also in other Chesterfield creations, for example in a Chesterfield bed.

The bed that you can admire in photo is Agnese, a very interesting creation by the Italian company VAMA Divani, specialized in Chesterfield furnishings.

Agnese is a wonderful example of velvet Chesterfield bed, and its main feature is of course the headboard: this particular, in fact, presents a very suggestive shape, extremely classic.

Agnese is a Chesterfield bed, exactly a double Chesterfield bed, so cannot miss the capitonnè, the real icon of Chesterfield creations: this decoration is perfectly done on the headboard.

Very interesting details of this creations are also the frame of the headboard, very elegant, and the turned legs, that have a gold coloration.

VAMA Divani can customize this creation in many different way.