Aged leather: a very interesting upholstery

The so called aged leather is a very interesting detail for a Chesterfield Sofa, a kind of upholstery used especially in the vintage versions of this so famous English piece of furniture.

Many people love Chesterfield Sofas with a very “retro” style, and from this point of view is very important the choice of the upholstery.

Bright colours like red, blue and white are perfect if you like the most contemporary version of Chesterfield Sofa, instead if you prefer a more classic version you can choose colours like black, brown, or in general an aged leather.

And so, what’s the aged leather?

This upholstery is created in real leather, and this material is subjected to a particular manual processing that requires experience and workmanship.

Leather must be “aged” with a very laborious process, but the final aesthetic effect is very interesting.

A Chesterfield Sofa with an aged leather upholstery seems a worn and ancient model, and this is considered a very interesting detail.

If you want to create a very classic living room, or even a different context, you can choose a Chesterfield Sofa with an aged leather: VAMA Divani can offer to you a lot of Chesterfield Sofas with this wonderful detail, and you can choose among a lot different customizations.