“All capitonnè” pouf: what is it?

Chesterfield pouf is a pouf with leather upholstery and embellished with capitonnè, the most typical feature of Chesterfield furnishings.

Usually, Chesterfield pouf has the capitonnè only on the upper face, but is also possible to choose a pouf entirely covered by this classic decoration made with a lot of little buttons.

Is not simple to realize a “All capitonnè” pouf: pouf, in fact, is a little piece of furniture, and is difficult to associate this classic decoration with pouf’s angularity. Difficult, but not impossible!

All capitonnè pouf is totally embellished with capitonnè, even in its angularity, and the final result is a very charming article.

To create a pouf like this is necessary to work in a very meticulous way, so only the most expert artisans can create a pouf entirely covered with the capitonnè.

The “All capitonnè” pouf that you can look in the photo is a creation by VAMA Divani, Italian company specialized in Chesterfield creations.

This pouf is absolutely special, as you can see, and if you like it you can buy easily online on the official e-commerce of VAMA Divani: vamadivani.com.

The company operates exclusively in traditional way, so can make endless customizations.