Armrest folds: a very interesting detail

Chesterfield Sofa is famous for its style and for its main features, on all the so called capitonnè and the buttons on the base, but this ancient sofa is absolutely special for its small details, for example armrest folds.

On the frontal part of the armrests, in fact, Chesterfield Sofa show off some little folds, a very interesting particular that contributes in important way to the general design of this piece of furnishing.

The armrest is of course a very important part of Chesterfield Sofa, so this interesting detail should not be underestimated.

To create these folds, moreover, is necessary a great artisan skills and experience: is just thanks to these particular, in fact, that Chesterfield Sofa is so special, and above all that is simply impossible to produce a good Chesterfield Sofa in industrial way.

The experts of Chesterfield sofas, when are in front of a classic sofa like this, evaluate with great care these little particulars.

Capitonnè is the protagonist among the Chesterfield Sofa’s decorations, it’s sure, but the quality of a Chesterfield Sofa also depends on little handmade works like armrest folds.