Aster Chesterfield Armchair: its main features

Aster Chesterfield Armchair is a very interesting classic piece of furniture, a wonderful choice if you are looking for an elegant and luxurious armchair.

Aster Chesterfield Armchair has a lot of common points with classic Chesterfield Armchair: first of all, in fact, this piece of furniture has a leather upholstery (or alternatively a faux-leather upholstery), furthermore in an Aster Chesterfield Armchair is present the famous capitonnè, the decoration considered a real icon of Chesterfield furnishings.

Thanks to these features, Aster Chesterfield Armchair is of course a “Chester” armchair, but there are some important differences between the most common kind of Chesterfield Armchair.

In classic Chesterfield Armchair, in fact, armrests and backrest have the same height, instead in Aster Chesterfield Armchair backrest is higher, as well as large and evident.

In Aster Chesterfield Armchair, furthermore, there are particular armrests and some interesting details, for example the capitonnè on the base and the unusual shape of the backrest.

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