Aster Chesterfield Sofa: interesting kind of Chesterfield Sofa

Aster Chesterfield Sofa is a particular kind of this so famous English sofa: this piece of furnishing is of course a Chesterfield Sofa, but has some interesting details that make it absolutely unique.

This sofa must be considered a Chesterfield Sofa because has a well done capitonnè, other interesting finishings, and of course a leather upholstery, or alternatively a faux-leather upholstery.

What about, therefore, the differences between Aster Chesterfield Sofa and classic Chesterfield Sofa?

First of all, Aster Chesterfield Sofa has an higher and wider backrest and special armrests: in classic Chesterfield Sofa, instead, armrests and backrest have the same height.

The main feature of Aster Chesterfield Sofa, furthermore, is the particular shape of the backrest, a detail that make this piece of furniture stately and striking.

Just like for the classic Chesterfield Sofa, is fundamental that a piece of furniture like this is made by the expert hands of artisans: is simply impossible to buy a good industrially made Chesterfield Sofa.

If you contact VAMA Divani you can choose among a lot of different models, and the company is fully available to product for you customized Aster Chesterfield Sofas, or also armchairs with the same style.