Base with buttons: a very important detail

When we speak about Chesterfield Sofa, we usually think first of all to the capitonnè, the famous decoration made with little buttons, but this sofa is so interesting also for other details, and the base with buttons is one of these.

What’s, therefore, base with buttons in Chesterfield Sofa?

In the frontal part of the sofa, exactly under the seat, there is a sort of line made with some buttons positioned horizontally and equidistant.

This is a very typical feature of Chesterfield Sofa, in fact this detail was also present in the most ancient models of this famous English sofa.

Base with buttons makes more classic and more elegant the design of the sofa, and above all is very decorative because recalls capitonnè style.

To made this decoration on the base of the sofa, in fact, artisans uses the same kind of buttons used to create the capitonnè, and the combination between these two decorations is very intriguing and classic.

A traditional Chesterfield Sofa must have of course this detail, but in market there are also some rare models of Chesterfield sofas with the capitonnè, but devoid of buttons on the base.