Bench seat: an interesting Chesterfield model

We have already spoken about bench seats in another post, and now we present a different kind of bench, perfect to be coupled to a Chesterfield double bed.

The bench that you can look in the photo presents high feet, very classic, and has a large seat on which are placed some buttons.

This decoration is very similar to the capitonnè, the undisputed icon of Chesterfield furnishings, so is of course a good idea to place this creation in front of a Chesterfield double bed.

This bench seat affect in important way the design of the room, and is the perfect creation for if you want to create a traditional and elegant bedroom.

To have a Chesterfield bench like this is a very good idea non only for design, but also for the comfort of the room: a piece of furniture like this can be used, for example, to lay on some clothes.

You like this creation? If you want it you can contact a specialized company like the Italian VAMA Divani.

VAMA Divani can creates a customized bench seat for you, and can ship it worldwide.