Bergere Chesterfield Armchair: a very elegant furniture

Bergere Chesterfield Armchair is a very interesting furniture, the perfect armchair for a classic interior design.

Bergere is of course a Chesterfield Armchair: on its backrest, in fact, there is the famous capitonnè, the popular Chesterfield decoration made applying a lot of little buttons directly on the upholstery.

In this armchair, however, there are many difference from traditional Chesterfield Armchair: first of all, backrest has a different shape, more high and enveloping, armrests are more little and have a particular design, furthermore the support legs are extremely classic.

In Bergere Chesterfeld Armchair, instead, the seat is the same of the most typical Chesterfield Sofa: perfectly smooth.

Normally the upholstery of Bergere Chesterfeld Armchair is in leather, or alternately in faux-leather, but is not improbable to find a Bergere Chesterfield Armchair in fabric.

You like Bergere Chesterfeld Armchair and you want to buy an armchair like this? Is a good idea to contact a specialized company that produces in traditional way: is simply impossible, in fact, to create a good Chesterfield Armchair in industrial way!

VAMA Divani can offer to you perfectly done Berghere armchairs, and you can customized your furniture in many ways.