Bicoloured Chesterfield Sofa: is possible to realize it?

Is possible to buy a bicoloured Chesterfield Sofa, or else it’s improbable?

When we speak about Chesterfield sofas or about Chesterfield armchairs we imagine single colour furnishing elements, and in fact almost in all cases you can find they with only one colour.

Regardless of the most common colours of Chesterfield sofas and armchairs, is very rare to look a bicoloured model, exactly for this reason a furniture in two colours is to consider very special.

In photo, for example, you can admire a Chesterfield Armchair in two colours, exactly green and white: this suggestive combination of colours is realized combining the colour of the upholstery, of the buttons, of the finishes and also of the legs.

An armchair like this, obviously, is extremely rare, and is practically impossible to find a product like this in a show room.

Therefore, how to buy a bicoloured Chesterfield Sofa or a bicoloured Chesterfield Armchair?

The Italian company VAMA Divani is specialized in Chesterfield creations, and above all is operates only in a traditional way: this is very important not for the quality of the final product, but also for the possibility of customization.

VAMA Divani can create for you customized bicoloured Chesterfield Sofa, and you can buy your favourite sofa directly online in the official website of the company; VAMA Divani can delivery it at your home, all over the world.