Brass tacks for Chesterfield Sofa

Brass tacks are a very interesting decoration for Chesterfield sofa, and craftsmen often use them to make more classics their creations.

Brass tacks are very little elements and are placed side by side, creating suggestive lines.

Usually, these design lines are created on the base of the sofa, or else in the front part of the armrests, and is not uncommon that brass tacks are also created on armchairs, on headboards of double beds, on ottoman, the so called “pouf”.

Brass, furthermore, is a very interesting material, robust and durable, so this kind of metal is certainly appropriate for a so high quality sofa like Chesterfield.

The decoration made my brass tacks, obviously, must be handmade, just like all other decorations of Chesterfield Sofa, at first the famous capitonnè.

Brass tacks, therefore, are a very important detail in a Chesterfield sofa, a real icon of classic elegance.