Chesterfield Sofa decorations: what are the most important?

In Chesterfield Sofa, decorations have a fundamental role: this sofa, in fact, is a little handmade masterpiece, so is thanks to details if is so special.

If you ask what are the main decoration of Chesterfield Sofa, at first we have to mention the capitonnè, the real icon of this furniture.

Capitonnè is created with a laborious process: the leather upholstery, in fact, is embellished by applying a lot of little buttons, which have the same colour of upholstery.

This realization make corrugated the upholstery of the sofa, and this is an extremely typical feature of Chesterfield Sofa.

The beauty of Chesterfield Sofa, anyhow, is not limited to the capitonnè: this wonderful English sofa, in fact, presents a lot of elaborate finishing, especially in correspondence of the armrests, and to realize it is necessary to have a remarkable artisan experience.

Another typical feature of Chesterfield sofa is the classic line of buttons created in the lower part of the sofa, and made with same type of buttons used for capitonnè.

These are the more typical decorations of Chesterfield Sofa, but is possible to choose a Chesterfield sofa with a lot of optional decorations, like for example the capitonnè made with Swarowski buttons.

Chesterfield pouf: the features of this beautiful “ottoman”

Chesterfield pouf is a very interesting furniture, and more and more customers choose to buy these so nice creations.

Pouf, effectively, is more than a simple accessory: its main function is to allow to stretch your legs when you are sitting on the sofa, but it also greatly affects the Interior Design in which is placed.

On the market there are a lot of different kinds of pouf, classic and modern, and is a good idea to combine a Chesterfield pouf with a Chesterfield sofa, or even simply to embellish a Vintage design.

Chesterfield pouf, just like Chesterfield sofas, is leather-wrapped, or alternatively in faux leather-wrapped, and even in these furniture there is the so called capitonnè, the famous tufted realization.

Generally, the capitonnè is realized on the top of pouf, but usually also the lateral facades are adorned with some buttons.

Normally consumers choose a Chesterfield pouf in the same colour of Chesterfield sofa to which is combined, but is not uncommon that they choose patterns of different colours.

If you are interested to buy a pouf, also called “ottoman”, is a good idea to choose a pouf with inner storage: in these ottomans is possible to put a lot of little things, for example newspapers, magazines, remote controls, and this is very comfortable.

Poufs with storage, is important to specify, are aesthetically perfect just like poufs without storage.

To buy a Chesterfield pouf to be inserted into a living room, mostly if there is a Chesterfield sofa, is therefore a wonderful idea, and you can choose between many different models; just like Chesterfield sofa, obviously, is important to choose only handmade creations.

How to create capitonnè?

Capitonnè is the typical decoration of Chesterfield sofa, a wonderful handmade realization that requires professionalism and specific experience.

This ancient adornment is really an icon of Chesterfield sofa, so is fundamental to make a perfect handcraft.

And so, how to create a perfectly done capitonnè?

Is not easy to describe the full process of this realization, so VAMA Divani, Italian company specializing in the production of Chesterfield sofa, has made an interesting video.

It shows all the necessary steps to create a capitonnè, exactly it shows the full realization of a tufted leather headboard in only 6:54 minutes.

This video has already intrigued a lot of viewers: in May 2016, in fact, it has 1,548,742 views in YouTube.

Here’s to you this nice video made directly from VAMA Divani’s artisans during their daily work activities, and is useful to remember that you can easily buy online Chesterfield sofas and other furnishings with capitonnè at the official e-commerce

Chesterfield sofa: the main features

What are the main features of Chesterfield Sofa? On the market there are many different types of Chesterfield Sofa, but some peculiarities are common to all of them, so is absolutely possible to answer this question.

First of all, we must say that the lining of the typical Chesterfield Sofa is made in leather, or even in faux leather: is possible to buy Chesterfield sofas with textile lining, but they are very rare creations.

The choice of leather for the lining is not random: this material, in fact, is perfect for the typical decoration of this sofa: the so called “capitonnè”.

Capitonnè is real an icon of this wonderful sofa, and is made applying a lot of little buttons on the lining.

This decoration is made on the backrest of the sofa and on its armrests, and makes the lining pleasantly undulating.

Chesterfield sofa is wonderful not only for the capitonnè, but also for a lot of accurate handcrafted finishes, such those located on the armrests, on the front side, and on the base, near the supports.

The classic supports of Chesterfield Sofa are made in wood, and have a rounded shape.

These are, therefore, the main features of Chesterfield Sofa, this wonderful sofa that has a very ancient history: to create a sofa like this, it’s obvious, the expert hand of an artisan is absolutely essential.