Chesterino, interesting kind of Chesterfield sofa

The so called Chesterino is an interesting kind of Chesterfield sofa: what are its features?

The term “Chesterino” means, in Italian, “little Chesterfield”, and in fact this Chesterfield sofa presents smaller size compared to the typical Chesterfield sofa.

This Chesterfield sofa is perfect for modern apartments: contemporary homes, in fact, usually have small sizes, so Chesterino could be a good idea for those who don’t want to renounce to the typical Chesterfield charm despite not having ample space.

Chesterino has the same features of the typical Chesterfield sofa, so its design is impeccable.

Chesterino is leather upholstery, or faux leather upholstery, has of beautiful handcrafted finishes, has the typical wooden supports, ad is of course embellished by the so called capitonnè, the famous tufted decoration considered the real icon of Chesterfield furnishings.

Chesterino is a very good sofa also relatively to the comfort: this two-seater sofa, in fact, ensures maximum comfort to those who sit on it, while having small dimensions.

Therefore, if you want to create an elegant and classic Interior Design but your living room is not spacious, you can choose a Chesterino sofa.

Chesterfield Dormeuse: the feature of this unusual sofa

Chesterfield Dormeuse is a very interesting furniture, unusual and elegant, and may be the ideal choice for Vintage lovers.

But what’s the so called Dormeuse?

Dormeuse is a strange kind of sofa, a creation typical of the oldest living rooms that presents an unmistakable style: this sofa, in fact, presents only one armrest, not two armrests like common sofas, and its backrest is inclined.

A sofa with a similar shape can be used in different ways, or rather sitting or relaxing, and its style makes more elegant and more classic the Interior Design of a living room.

Chesterfield Dormeuse is a Dormeuse that faithfully reproduces all the typical features of Chesterfield sofa: leather upholstery, refined finishes, capitonnè, the unmissable craft decoration, and also the wooden supports with a round shape.

Is a wonderful idea, of course, to combine a Chesterfield Dormeuse with a Chesterfield sofa, or also with a Chesterfield Armchair or a Chesterfield Ottoman, at any rate Chesterfield Dormeuse is a wonderful creation even alone.

This Chesterfield furniture were diffused in the most luxurious living rooms in very ancient times: relatively to this is suggestive to remember that Le Corbusier, famous French architect, painter, urban planner and designer, declares that Dormeuse is “the perfect machine for rest”.

Today, to buy a Chesterfield Dormeuse means to rediscover the unforgettable charm of ancient living rooms, and an unusual sofa like this is intended to be the protagonist of the Interior Design.

The colours of Chesterfield sofas: what are the most common?

A Chesterfield Sofa can be chosen in many different colours, so let’s see what are the most usual.

At first, we must say that is impossible to find a Chesterfield sofa with a “fantasy” lining: these ancient and wonderful British sofas, in fact, are ever in solid colour, as is typical of the classic sofas.

Chesterfield Sofa, however, has a lining made in leather, and this material can’t have different colours, but only slight nuances like those typical of the “aged” effect.

And so, what are the most common colours of Chesterfield sofas?

The most typical Chesterfield sofa is made in a limited group of colours: black, white, maroon, brown.

Chesterfield sofa has always kept its most typical peculiarities, however in modern times this wonderful sofa is often created also in brighter colours, like red.

Requiring a Chesterfield Sofa to an artisan company, however, is possible to buy a perfectly done Chesterfield sofa in any colour, including colours modern and unusual for these handmade creations like blue, green, yellow and many more.

Chesterfield sofas in this particular colours are perfect to be placed in a minimal or contemporary contexts, and these furnishings can be a sort of meeting place between Vintage and modern style.

A small group of colours, therefore, represent one of the typical features of old Chesterfield sofa, but these timeless charm creations can be chosen in any colour.