Bicoloured Chesterfield Sofa: is possible to realize it?

Is possible to buy a bicoloured Chesterfield Sofa, or else it’s improbable?

When we speak about Chesterfield sofas or about Chesterfield armchairs we imagine single colour furnishing elements, and in fact almost in all cases you can find they with only one colour.

Regardless of the most common colours of Chesterfield sofas and armchairs, is very rare to look a bicoloured model, exactly for this reason a furniture in two colours is to consider very special.

In photo, for example, you can admire a Chesterfield Armchair in two colours, exactly green and white: this suggestive combination of colours is realized combining the colour of the upholstery, of the buttons, of the finishes and also of the legs.

An armchair like this, obviously, is extremely rare, and is practically impossible to find a product like this in a show room.

Therefore, how to buy a bicoloured Chesterfield Sofa or a bicoloured Chesterfield Armchair?

The Italian company VAMA Divani is specialized in Chesterfield creations, and above all is operates only in a traditional way: this is very important not for the quality of the final product, but also for the possibility of customization.

VAMA Divani can create for you customized bicoloured Chesterfield Sofa, and you can buy your favourite sofa directly online in the official website of the company; VAMA Divani can delivery it at your home, all over the world.


Chesterfield Sofa in damask fabric: a wonderful creation

Chesterfield Sofa in damask fabric is a wonderful and rare creation, a sofa with a very particular kind of upholstery.

First of all, we must emphasize that is unusual that a Chesterfield Sofa has an upholstery in fabric: this famous English sofa, in fact, is normally created with an upholstery in leather, or alternatively in faux-leather.

Damask fabric is really a wonderful upholstery: this fantasy is very particular and charming, and is the perfect choice if you want to create a luxurious interior design.

This decoration for fabric has an ancient history, and you can choice among a lot of different variants: many damask upholstery have a floral fantasy, but there are also many other decorative themes.

Damask fabric is exceptional for its design and for its colour, of course, but at the same time damask fabric suggests shiny and matt surfaces, and this is a very intriguing particular; this fabric, furthermore, is created with top quality yarns.

Is not simply to find a Chesterfield Sofa in damask fabric: if you want a model with this so interesting particular you can contact VAMA Divani, specialized Italian company.

VAMA Divani operates only in a traditional way, so can satisfy your needs in customized way: this company, furthermore delivers all over the world his Chesterfield sofas.

Capitonnè: buttons and upholstery in different colours

Have you ever thought to buy a Chesterfield Sofa with capitonnè buttons and upholstery in different colours?

A sofa like this is very unusual: according to tradition, in fact, the buttons with which it is created to capitonnè must have the same colour of the upholstery.

If you contact an artisan company, however, you can request a lot of different customizations, so you can buy a Chesterfield Sofa in which the colour of the buttons of capitonnè is different than that of the upholstery.

Could be a very interesting idea to choose capitonnè buttons in a colour similar to that of the upholstery, for example red buttons on a brown upholstery: a design like this is original, but at the same time very elegant, if you prefer most unusual design you can combine two totally different colours.

How to buy a Chesterfield Sofa like this? These sofa are certainly uncommon, so if you want a sofa with capitonnè buttons and upholstery in different colours you must contact an artisan company.

VAMA Divani is an Italian company that can make a lot of different customizations, producing only in craft way.

Contacting VAMA Divani you can order conveniently online Chesterfield sofas of any kind.

English Green Chesterfield Sofa: very classic

English Green Chesterfield Sofa is a very interesting kind of Chesterfield Sofa, the perfect model if you like traditional designs.

The so called English Green is a particular variant of green, very deep and darker, and is a wonderful idea to choose a Chesterfield Sofa with a leather upholstery in this colour: Chesterfield Sofa, however, is a typical creation of United Kingdom!

Placing a sofa like this in a room you can create a wonderful Retrò style, a very elegant interior design.

How to buy an English Green Chesterfield Sofa?

Chesterfield sofas like this are not very common, so if you want this piece furniture you must contact a specialized artisan company.

VAMA Divani is an Italian company that produces Chesterfield sofas only in traditional way, so can satisfy you requests in customized way.

VAMA Divani has already made English Green Chesterfield sofas for its customers, and you can also choose between different sizes.

Aged leather: a very interesting upholstery

The so called aged leather is a very interesting detail for a Chesterfield Sofa, a kind of upholstery used especially in the vintage versions of this so famous English piece of furniture.

Many people love Chesterfield Sofas with a very “retro” style, and from this point of view is very important the choice of the upholstery.

Bright colours like red, blue and white are perfect if you like the most contemporary version of Chesterfield Sofa, instead if you prefer a more classic version you can choose colours like black, brown, or in general an aged leather.

And so, what’s the aged leather?

This upholstery is created in real leather, and this material is subjected to a particular manual processing that requires experience and workmanship.

Leather must be “aged” with a very laborious process, but the final aesthetic effect is very interesting.

A Chesterfield Sofa with an aged leather upholstery seems a worn and ancient model, and this is considered a very interesting detail.

If you want to create a very classic living room, or even a different context, you can choose a Chesterfield Sofa with an aged leather: VAMA Divani can offer to you a lot of Chesterfield Sofas with this wonderful detail, and you can choose among a lot different customizations.



Chesterfield Sofa in fabric: is possible to realize it?

Is possible to realize a Chesterfield Sofa in fabric? According to tradition, a typical Chesterfield Sofa must be created with an upholstery in leather, or alternatively in faux-leather, so many people want to know if there is the opportunity to buy a Chesterfield Sofa in fabric.

Effectively is very rare to find a Chesterfield Sofa in fabric, but is doubtless possible to realize a piece of furniture like this.

If Chesterfield Sofas are usually made with a leather upholstery, however, is not only for tradition: leather and faux-leather are first of all good choices to create the capitonnè.

Capitonnè is the most important icon of Chesterfield Sofa, and this decoration is done applying some little buttons on the upholstery: leather and faux-leather are just the better choices to make this decoration absolutely perfect.

At the same time, you have to consider that fabric becomes dirty much more easily than leather, and this is a very important reason to prefer leather for the upholstery of Chesterfield Sofas.

Fabric is a very common upholstery, of course, but is used above all in modern sofas, or rather in sofas with removable upholstery: in a sofa with this particularity the fact that the fabric becomes dirty easily is not a problem, because you can separate the upholstery from the padding and you can wash it comfortably in the washing machine, like a garment.

Is impossible to create a Chesterfield Sofa with with removable upholstery, because this feature is incompatible with capitonnè and with the other elaborate finishings typical of this piece of furnishing; also for this reason, therefore, for Chesterfield Sofa is preferable an upholstery in leather or in faux-leather.

Chesterfield Sofa with studded upholstery, a very classic decoration

Chesterfield Sofa with studded upholstery is a particular kind of sofa, a very interesting model for classic style lovers.

Studded upholstery is a suggestive and intriguing detail, ad a lot of customers appreciate it.

However, what’s a “studded upholstery”?

When we speak about studded upholstery in a Chesterfield Sofa, we refer to the little brass buttons that embellish this ancient and wonderful piece of furniture.

According to tradition, these buttons must be positioned on the frontal part of the sofa, exactly in correspondence of the base and of the armrests.

This is a very classic decoration, and it offers a very interesting aesthetic effect.

To create a studded upholstery requires a very laborious handmade work: is known, moreover, that to realize a good Chesterfield Sofa is fundamental the experience of a professional craftsman.

Is not difficult to find in market a good Chesterfield Sofa with studded upholstery, ad if you want a very quality model you can contact the Italian company VAMA Divani.

Pink Chesterfield Sofa: interesting creation

Pink Chesterfield Sofa is of course an original creation, but would be a mistake to consider this colour like a too flashy solution.

Chesterfield Sofa is usually chosen in traditional colour, for example black, white, brown, but is not strange to buy a Chesterfield Sofa in bright colours like red, green, yellow and pink, too.

In the picture, you can just see a wonderful creation like this: a pink Chesterfield Sofa created according to tradition.

All details in this sofa are perfect: from the capitonnè, the decoration that absolutely cannot miss in this English sofa, to the little finishes, like for example those of the front part of the armrest.

This so particular Chesterfield Sofa also has another interesting feature: the upholstery, in fact, is entirely made in velvet, a prestigious material very pleasant to the touch.

This pink Chesterfield Sofa is really a good idea if you want a Chesterfield Sofa in classic style, but at the same time with a very strong personality.

When you choose a Chesterfield Sofa, therefore, you!

Jeans Chesterfield Sofa: what is it?

What’s Jeans Chesterfield Sofa? May seem very strange to accost the term “jeans” with the name of one of the most famous classic sofas in the world, however is really possible to but a Chesterfield Sofa with this intriguing feature.

This variant is named Jeans Chesterfield Sofa because its upholstery has the same colour of these so popular casual trousers, so this creation is very original.

Although it has a so particular colour, Jeans Chesterfield Sofa has all the typical features of the famous English Chesterfield.

A good Jeans Chesterfield Sofa, in fact, must have a well done crafts upholstery, with accurate finish and of course the so called “capitonnè”, the real icon of Chesterfield sofa, or rather the famous decoration made on the backrest and on the armrests.

A so unusual sofa can be the real protagonist of the contexts in which it is placed, and it influences in an important way the interior design.

A sofa like this can be placed in a lot of different context: in a classic living room, for example, or also in a modern or minimal room.

Therefore, how to buy a Jeans Chesterfield Sofa?

Is really difficult to find a sofa like this, so is certainly a good advice to call a craft company that can create customized Chesterfield sofas.

Our company can make a customized Jeans Chesterfield Sofa following the ancient tradition, and can send it all over the world with a simple click.

Velvet Chesterfield Sofa: extremely luxury realization

Velvet Chesterfield sofa is a very rare furniture, and a sofa like this is of course an extraordinary choice for a luxurious interior design.

Velvet is a very precious fabric: its aesthetic is unique and unmistakable, and it’s also very special to the touch, thanks to its softness.

Another interesting feature of velvet is that this fabric fades its colour in a so suggestive way.

Use the velvet on a so elegant sofa like Chesterfield sofa is a really attractive solution: a velvet Chesterfield sofa is a little masterpiece, perfect for a very luxurious living room.

A velvet Chesterfield sofa must be perfectly done in all its parts, and the capitonnè, the most typical decoration of this sofa, creates a very beautiful effect on this kind of fabric.

Probably a velvet Chesterfield sofa requires more attentions than the traditional Chesterfield sofa, because velvet gets dirty more easily than leather or faux-leather, but the extraordinary style of these sofas is really unique.

Is not easy to find on the market a Chesterfield sofa like this, so if you want a velvet Chesterfield sofa you can contact a craft company specialized in customized realizations.