Chaise Longue: the most common measures

What are the most common measures of the Chaise Longue? This piece of furnishing, also called Dormeuse, is very particular, for this reason is interesting to know it.

As we have already said in other posts, Chaise Longue is a sort of sofa with a only one armrest and with an oblique back, and this piece of furniture can be used to sit or to lie down.

Extremely decorative and classic, Chaise Longue can also be chosen in Chesterfield variant: a Chesterfield Chaise Longue is a real jewel, a very charming idea for a traditional room.

About the most common measures of Chaise Longue is very interesting this picture made by VAMA Divani, Italian company specialized in Chesterfield creations.

As you can see, the standard Chesterfield Chaise Longue has a length of 178 cm, a height of 70 cm and a depth of 85 cm; in the picture you can also discover other interesting measures, for example the depth of the seat.

This measures, obviously, are not peremptory: contacting an artisan company like VAMA Divani, in fact, you can order your Chesterfield Chaise Longue choosing its measures freely.