Chenille Chesterfield Sofa: a very luxurious sofa

Chenille Chesterfield Sofa is a very luxurious kind of this wonderful and timeless English Sofa, and it’s very rare, too.

When we speak about Chesterfield sofa, we think immediately to sofas with leather upholstery, or alternately in faux-leather upholstery, but some models are ermined with different materials, like chenille or velvet.

These materials are very luxurious, and is of course a good idea to use them for the upholstery of a Chesterfield Sofa.

Chenille, in particular, is a very modern fabric, and this material spreads in the seventies, when it was a true fashion icon: in that period chenille was in fact widely used to produce clothing, but his qualities were not indifferent to furniture producers.

The main technical features of this fabric is that it’s made processing two different kinds of yarn, one thin and the other solid and soft: thanks to this characteristic, chenille has a soft and pleasant to the touch surface.

Chenille and velvet are objectively very similar, and their difference can be noticed predominantly to the touch.

Chenille Chesterfield Sofa is a wonderful choice if you want a very luxurious sofa; is not simply to find on the market a sofa like this, so is a good advice to contact a company specialized in handmade creations.

VAMA Divani can create for you a perfect and customized Chenille Chesterfield Sofa, and you can buy it comfortably online, ensuring the home delivery.