Chesterfield Armchair Bed: what is it?

Chesterfield Armchair Bed is a very particular creation, a Chesterfield Armchair that can turn in a comfortable bed.

The mechanism thanks to which this piece of furniture can change its structure is similar to that of sofa bed.

In Chesterfield Armchair Bed the seat can be opened, and in this way you can obtain a comfortable mattress on which you can sleep.

An important difference between armchair bed and sofa bed in that in armchair bed you can obtain a single bed, in sofa bed instead you can usually obtain a double bed.

An armchair bed is a very interesting piece of furniture if you need a single bed to use if necessary, even in a small room.

Chesterfield Armchair Bed show off all the typical features of Chesterfield Armchair, or rather the famous decoration capitonnè, wood legs, upholstery in leather or in faux leather and all crafts finishes.

If you want to buy a well done Chesterfield Armchair Bed you can contact VAMA Divani, famous Italian company specialized in Chesterfield furnishings and operating only in a traditional way.

VAMA Divani allows you to customize your product in many different ways, and can send it all over the world.

You can order your Chesterfield Armchair Bed on the website