Chesterfield Armchair “Parigina”, a very interesting armchair

Chesterfield Armchair “Parigina” is a very interesting kind of armchair, with some important differences compared to the most typical Chesterfield Armchair.

Parigina, first of all, is an armchair with a more compact structure, so is a piece of furniture perfect also for small rooms.

In this creations backrest and armrests have the same height, and in their inner part is possible to admire the capitonnè, the most typical decoration of Chesterfield furnishings.

The seat cushion is padded and smooth on its upholstery, furthermore are very interesting the wooden feet.

Chesterfield Armchair Parigina is a Chesterfield furnishings, so its upholstery is created as usual in leather, or alternatively in faux-leather.

Parigina is the perfect armchair for Chesterfield style lovers, but at the same time is the ideal choice for you if you are looking for a small and slight piece of furniture: is a good idea, for example, to place Parigina in a bedroom, or in a small living room.

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