Chesterfield Armchair with ears: what is it?

The so called Chesterfield Armchair “with ears” is a rare and particular kind of Chesterfield Armchair, a creation that presents an unusual shape.

This armchair is called “with ears” because it has two particular structural elements to the sides of the backrest that remember the ears.

This feature is clear and pleasant, but is important not only for design, but also about the comfort: thanks to its “ears”, in fact, the backrest is very wraparound and comfortable.

The model that you can admire in photo is a very interesting example of Chesterfield Armchair with ears: this armchair has an upholstery in grey fabric, very pleasant to the touch, the backrest is very high, furthermore the white wooden support legs are very classic.

A Chesterfield Armchair like this can be of course a wonderful idea for a very classic room, and if you want a piece of furniture like this you can contact VAMA Divani.

The Italian company VAMA Divani in specialized in Chesterfield creations, and can create for you a Chesterfield Armchair with ears meticulously customized, sending it to your home.