Chesterfield bed: what are its features?

The name Chesterfield is usually associated to sofas, and if fact Chesterfield sofa is a real icon of classic style, but on the market there are also different Chesterfield furnishings, for example Chesterfield bed.

A Chesterfield bed is of course a good idea if you want to create an elegant and classic Interior Design in your bedroom, and this furniture is a masterpiece of craftsmanship just like a Chesterfield sofa.

What are, therefore, the most important features of Chesterfield bed?

First of all, there is to say that Chesterfield beds are usually double beds: is very unusual, in fact, to find a Chesterfield single bed.

The most important feature of Chesterfield bed are of course the headboard: this part of the furnishings is leather upholstery, or alternatively faux-leather upholstery, and primarily is embellish by the famous capitonnè.

Capitonnè is of course an icon of Chesterfield sofa and Chesterfield furnishings, and is made by an elaborate craftsmanship, applying on the upholstery a lot of little buttons.

Also the other parts of bed are leather upholstery, but capitonnè in most cases is made only on the headboard.

These are the main feature of the typical Chesterfield bed, but on the market is possible to choose between many different variations: a good Chesterfield bed, in fact, can be produced even in the version with inner container, very comfortable to optimize space.

If you want to buy a very good Chesterfield bed, 100% handmade, you can contact VAMA Divani: this company offers to you a lot of different Chesterfield beds, and can produce Chesterfield beds in customized way, too.