Chesterfield bench seat: what is it?

Chesterfield bench is a very particular piece of furniture, perfect to be placed in a bedroom, in a lobby, in a living room.

A bench like this has the same features of Chesterfield Sofa, for this reason, in fact, is called in this way.

First of all, Chesterfield bench has an upholstery in leather, or alternatively in faux-leather, furthermore is embellished by the famous capitonnè and by a lot of typical finishings.

Is a wonderful idea, therefore, to combine a bench like this with a Chesterfield Sofa, however at the same time a Chesterfield bench must be wonderful even in rooms where there are no other Chesterfield furniture.

A Chesterfield bench must be used to sit, like a sofa, at the same time is possible to place a lot of different things on its seat, for example clothes, if the bench is positioned in a bedroom.

A piece of furniture like this is highly decorative, and is a wonderful choice if you are a classic style lover.

How to buy a Chesterfield bench? A Chesterfield piece of furniture like this is rather rare, so if you want it is a good advice to contact a craft company.

The Italian VAMA Divani, company that produces only in traditional way, can create for you a customized Chesterfield bench and can ship it worldwide.