Chesterfield Dormeuse: the feature of this unusual sofa

Chesterfield Dormeuse is a very interesting furniture, unusual and elegant, and may be the ideal choice for Vintage lovers.

But what’s the so called Dormeuse?

Dormeuse is a strange kind of sofa, a creation typical of the oldest living rooms that presents an unmistakable style: this sofa, in fact, presents only one armrest, not two armrests like common sofas, and its backrest is inclined.

A sofa with a similar shape can be used in different ways, or rather sitting or relaxing, and its style makes more elegant and more classic the Interior Design of a living room.

Chesterfield Dormeuse is a Dormeuse that faithfully reproduces all the typical features of Chesterfield sofa: leather upholstery, refined finishes, capitonnè, the unmissable craft decoration, and also the wooden supports with a round shape.

Is a wonderful idea, of course, to combine a Chesterfield Dormeuse with a Chesterfield sofa, or also with a Chesterfield Armchair or a Chesterfield Ottoman, at any rate Chesterfield Dormeuse is a wonderful creation even alone.

This Chesterfield furniture were diffused in the most luxurious living rooms in very ancient times: relatively to this is suggestive to remember that Le Corbusier, famous French architect, painter, urban planner and designer, declares that Dormeuse is “the perfect machine for rest”.

Today, to buy a Chesterfield Dormeuse means to rediscover the unforgettable charm of ancient living rooms, and an unusual sofa like this is intended to be the protagonist of the Interior Design.