Chesterfield double bed: a classic for an elegant bedroom

Chesterfield double bed is of course a classic: when we speak about Chesterfield bed, in fact, we refer primarily to double beds, and Chesterfield single bed are rather rare.

Chesterfield double bed is a wonderful idea to furnish a bedroom: this piece of furniture is extremely elegant, and is absolutely a first choice for classic design lovers.

The main feature of Chesterfield double bed is of course its header: these beds have usually a great header, very decorative.

Looking the header is possible to realize that the sofa bed in question is just a Chesterfield bed: first of the header has an upholstery in leather, or rather in faux leather, the typical material used to make the upholstery of Chesterfield sofas and Chesterfield furnishing.

On the header, furthermore, there is the capitonnè, the most typical decoration of Chesterfield Sofa realized by applying a lot of little buttons directly on the upholstery.

This decoration is very prestigious, and is certainly a good idea to show off a capitonnè in a living room.

You can obviously choice many different kinds of Chesterfield double bed, and if you contact a company specialized in handicrafts you can buy also buy a customizel bed.

VAMA Divani, for example, is an Italian company specialized in Chesterfield creations, and can offer to you a lot of wonderful Chesterfield double beds, including customized beds.