Chesterfield footrest: more than a simply detail

Chesterfield footrest is a very interesting piece of furniture, and is more than a simply detail in a living room.

A Chesterfield footrest is created to be paired with a Chesterfield Sofa, but a creation like this can be perfect in a lot of different contexts; some Interior Design experts, for example, usually consider these footrest even in modern living rooms.

Chesterfield footrest can be have a lot of different features: you can buy a model with a round shape, or rather a more geometric model, for example a footrest with a square base.

Also about the colours you have available a very wide choice, and are very common classic colours like brown, white and black; most modern models, however, can have brighter colours like red, yellow, blu and many more.

In all cases, however, Chesterfield footrests have a leather upholstery, or alternatively a faux-leather upholstery, just like the tradition of Chesterfield Sofa.

At the same time, A very important feature that must be in every footrest is of course the capitonnè, the typical decoration of Chesterfield Sofa created by applying some little buttons on the upholstery.

A Chesterfield footrest, therefore, can really make precious an interior design, and you have great possibilities of choice about this furnishing elements.