Chesterfield Headboard: what is it?

What’s the Chesterfield Headboard? This element is the most important feature of a Chesterfield bed, and is a very appealing detail.

In a Chesterfield bed the presence of a Chesterfield headboard is fundamental, and without it is detail is impossible to define the bed a “Chester” piece of furniture.

What are the main features of the Chesterfield Headboard? There is no single answer to this questions: Chesterfield headboards can have a lot of details, both as regards the size that the shape.

A lot of Chesterfield Headboards have a rectangular shape, so with right corners, however there are variations with round corners, too.

Some Chesterfield beds have a totally different shape, above all the most classic and elegant versions, at the same time Chesterfield Headboards can be embellished with wonderful frames.

Some frames are simple, instead others are very elaborate and detailed, and are true handmade masterpieces.

There are a lot of different Chesterfield Headboard, therefore, but all must have the capitonné, the real icon of Chesterfield furnishing that must be present on the entire surface.

About materials, a well done Chesterfield Headboard must be realized in leather, or rather in faux-leather.

If you contact VAMA Divani you can choose among a lot of beds with a wonderful Chesterfield Headboard, and you can customize these creations in a lot of different ways.

Chesterfield beds by VAMA Divani are available in single or in double version, as well as in many intermediate measures.