Chesterfield Office Armchair: a wonderful creation

Chesterfield Office Armchair is a very interesting piece of furniture, and an armchair like this is a wonderful idea for not only for an office but also for a living room, or also for a bedroom.

Chesterfield Office Armchair is rather different than the classic Chesterfield Armchair: traditional Chesterfield Armchair, in fact, is very similar to Chesterfield Sofa, instead Chesterfield Office Armchair has a specific structure.

First of all, Chesterfield Office Armchair has an high backrest, as typical of classic presidential armchairs, furthermore the armrests are small and ergonomic.

At its base, Chesterfield Office Armchair presents the typical “office” structure with five small wheels; this armchair, moreover, is directional, so who is sitting can move very smoothly.

This so interesting kind of office armchair deserves to be defined “Chesterfield” not only for its wonderful classic design, but also for the presence of the capitonnè.

Capitonnè, the famous decoration created by applying small buttons on the upholstery, is perfectly done on all the backrest, instead the seat is perfectly smooth, just like Chesterfield sofas.

A Chesterfield Office Armchair, therefore, is the perfect choice for a luxurious office, for example for a presidential room, but many consumers buy this armchair to embellish and to make more comfortable their homes.