Chesterfield pouf: the features of this beautiful “ottoman”

Chesterfield pouf is a very interesting furniture, and more and more customers choose to buy these so nice creations.

Pouf, effectively, is more than a simple accessory: its main function is to allow to stretch your legs when you are sitting on the sofa, but it also greatly affects the Interior Design in which is placed.

On the market there are a lot of different kinds of pouf, classic and modern, and is a good idea to combine a Chesterfield pouf with a Chesterfield sofa, or even simply to embellish a Vintage design.

Chesterfield pouf, just like Chesterfield sofas, is leather-wrapped, or alternatively in faux leather-wrapped, and even in these furniture there is the so called capitonnè, the famous tufted realization.

Generally, the capitonnè is realized on the top of pouf, but usually also the lateral facades are adorned with some buttons.

Normally consumers choose a Chesterfield pouf in the same colour of Chesterfield sofa to which is combined, but is not uncommon that they choose patterns of different colours.

If you are interested to buy a pouf, also called “ottoman”, is a good idea to choose a pouf with inner storage: in these ottomans is possible to put a lot of little things, for example newspapers, magazines, remote controls, and this is very comfortable.

Poufs with storage, is important to specify, are aesthetically perfect just like poufs without storage.

To buy a Chesterfield pouf to be inserted into a living room, mostly if there is a Chesterfield sofa, is therefore a wonderful idea, and you can choose between many different models; just like Chesterfield sofa, obviously, is important to choose only handmade creations.