Chesterfield Pouf with inner container: great comfort

Chesterfield Pouf with inner container is a very interesting piece of furniture, an element that assures at the same time comfort, efficiency and style.

The pouf, in general, is a much appreciated piece of furniture: it’s perfect to better the comfort of a sofa, using it to stretch legs, but at the same time is an important decoration.

To define the pouf like a “complement”, therefore, is very restrictive: consumers and designers in fact consider it a very important piece of furniture for the style of the context in which is placed.

Chesterfield Pouf with inner container is a Chesterfield pouf, so a pouf with a leather or faux-leather upholstery and with the famous decoration capitonnè, that has a very useful container.

In this container you can put a lot of different things: magazine, books, remote controls, and other items that you normally keep in your living room.

Chesterfield Pouf with inner container is really a good solution to save space, so is a very precious piece of furniture especially for smaller rooms.

The fact that these poufs have an inner container does not affect their appearance: when the cover is closed, in fact, is impossible to note that this model has this so interesting feature.

You are looking for a Chesterfield Pouf with inner container? VAMA Divani can offer to you many Chesterfield pouf with this structural detail, and you can buy these creations also in customized way.