Chesterfield Sofa buttons: what types choose?

Chesterfeld sofa buttons are of course a fundamental detail in this ancient and wonderful article of furniture: using the buttons, in fact, artisans create the famous decoration capitonnè, a real icon for this ancient sofa.

Buttons are applied directly on the upholstery, and to make this is necessary a great craft experience.

And so, what are the most appropriate buttons for a Chesterfield Sofa?

Usually artisans use buttons in the same colour of upholstery, but is not prohibited to choose buttons in a different colour than the upholstery.

If you want to buy an original Chesterfield Sofa with this interesting feature, is a good idea to require this to a craft company specializes in customized realizations: VAMA Divani, for example, can offer to you endless types of Chesterfield sofa with many different customizations.

The colour of the buttons, obviously, must not necessarily be equal or totally different than the colour of upholstery, in many times, in fact, artisans choose buttons with a simply similar colour, for example red for a Chesterfield Sofa in bordeaux leather.

There are also some special buttons for Chesterfield Sofa, for example the so called “Swarowski”: these buttons are entirely brilliant, so they are a good choice for those love luxury and elegance.

The choice of the buttons in a Chesterfield Sofa, therefore, should never be secondary.