Chesterfield Sofa decorations: what are the most important?

In Chesterfield Sofa, decorations have a fundamental role: this sofa, in fact, is a little handmade masterpiece, so is thanks to details if is so special.

If you ask what are the main decoration of Chesterfield Sofa, at first we have to mention the capitonnè, the real icon of this furniture.

Capitonnè is created with a laborious process: the leather upholstery, in fact, is embellished by applying a lot of little buttons, which have the same colour of upholstery.

This realization make corrugated the upholstery of the sofa, and this is an extremely typical feature of Chesterfield Sofa.

The beauty of Chesterfield Sofa, anyhow, is not limited to the capitonnè: this wonderful English sofa, in fact, presents a lot of elaborate finishing, especially in correspondence of the armrests, and to realize it is necessary to have a remarkable artisan experience.

Another typical feature of Chesterfield sofa is the classic line of buttons created in the lower part of the sofa, and made with same type of buttons used for capitonnè.

These are the more typical decorations of Chesterfield Sofa, but is possible to choose a Chesterfield sofa with a lot of optional decorations, like for example the capitonnè made with Swarowski buttons.