Chesterfield Sofa: how deep is it?

What is, usually, the depth of the Chesterfield Sofa? Is very interesting to answer to this question, so let’s discover immediately this aspect.

First of all, we must say that Chesterfield sofas may have a lot of different sizes, therefore also the depth may change in the different models.

Usually, the depth of a common Chesterfield Sofa considering the thickness of the back is approximately 85 cm, so the seat is deep 50 cm.

In market, however, is possible to find Chesterfield sofas with different depth: if you want a little Chesterfield Sofa, perhaps to place it in a small room, you can choose a “Chesterino” model.

This particular kind of Chesterfield sofa has more reduced sizes, so this sofa is deep 75 cm, but that does not mean it is less comfortable.

If you prefer a Chesterfield Sofa with huge sizes, instead, you can choose a model with a remarkable depth: in market there are in fact Chesterfield sofa with a depth of more than a meter!

It may not be easy to find Chesterfield sofa with a larger or smaller depth, so is a good idea to contact an artisan company specialized in custom creations: VAMA Divani can create for you Chesterfield sofas with the depth you want, and you can buy your customized sofa directly online.