Chesterfield Sofa in a modern context: is a good idea?

Is a good idea to place a Chesterfield Sofa in a modern context? Chesterfield Sofa, as you know, is a very classic piece of furniture, a real icon of traditional design, so is certainly strange to imagine a sofa like this in a room with a contemporary design.

A Chesterfield Sofa, however, can be a very good choice even in modern rooms, and lately a lot of designers are choosing this solution for their creations.

The charm of Chesterfield Sofa, however, is indisputable, so a piece of furniture like this can be very pleasant and appealing in a contemporary context, too.

Interior design experts for example love to position a Chesterfield Sofa, or also a Chesterfield Armchair, in a room with a minimal design: in this way, in fact, the Chesterfield furniture becomes the absolute protagonist of the design, and brings a very suggestive touch of classic style.

A good advice if you are thinking to position a Chesterfield Sofa in a modern context is to choose models with bright colours: red, for example, is a very good variant, the same white, black, blue.