Chesterfield Sofa in a modern room: an interesting idea

Is possible to position a Chesterfield Sofa in a modern room? The answer is positive, of course!

Chesterfield Sofa is a real icon of classic interior design, but at the same time the beauty of this creation is very intriguing in modern rooms, too: many designers, in facts, love to use Chesterfield sofas in this original way!

In a modern room a Chesterfield Sofa can be the absolute protagonist, and the interior design shown in the picture is of course an interesting example.

In the photo we can admire a Bordeaux Chesterfield Sofa in a very modern room, and is an interesting choice to combine this sofa with the big ground lamp, which has the same colour.

This Chesterfield Sofa is created in traditional way: the capitonnè is well done on the backrest and armrests, just like all other finishes, and the upholstery is made in leather.

Chesterfield Sofa, therefore, could be a very interesting choice also for contemporary and minimal designs.