Chesterfield Sofa in fabric: is possible to realize it?

Is possible to realize a Chesterfield Sofa in fabric? According to tradition, a typical Chesterfield Sofa must be created with an upholstery in leather, or alternatively in faux-leather, so many people want to know if there is the opportunity to buy a Chesterfield Sofa in fabric.

Effectively is very rare to find a Chesterfield Sofa in fabric, but is doubtless possible to realize a piece of furniture like this.

If Chesterfield Sofas are usually made with a leather upholstery, however, is not only for tradition: leather and faux-leather are first of all good choices to create the capitonnè.

Capitonnè is the most important icon of Chesterfield Sofa, and this decoration is done applying some little buttons on the upholstery: leather and faux-leather are just the better choices to make this decoration absolutely perfect.

At the same time, you have to consider that fabric becomes dirty much more easily than leather, and this is a very important reason to prefer leather for the upholstery of Chesterfield Sofas.

Fabric is a very common upholstery, of course, but is used above all in modern sofas, or rather in sofas with removable upholstery: in a sofa with this particularity the fact that the fabric becomes dirty easily is not a problem, because you can separate the upholstery from the padding and you can wash it comfortably in the washing machine, like a garment.

Is impossible to create a Chesterfield Sofa with with removable upholstery, because this feature is incompatible with capitonnè and with the other elaborate finishings typical of this piece of furnishing; also for this reason, therefore, for Chesterfield Sofa is preferable an upholstery in leather or in faux-leather.