Chesterfield Sofa: the importance of the inner structure

The inner structure of a Chesterfield sofa is simply fundamental: if this part of the sofa is well done, in fact, the furniture will certainly be long-lived.

When a consumer evaluates a Chesterfield sofa, usually considers at first the design, the colour, the accuracy of capitonnè, the quality of upholstery, both if it is made of leather or faux-leather, but the quality of the structure is very important.

Effectively, for the consumer is not simple to evaluate the inner parts of the sofa, for this reason is important to be well informed about production materials of the furniture.

Is very good if artisans choose solid wood for their creations: this material is perfect for this use, and is extremely resistant.

Better quality models are made with the part of the wood most distant from the bark: most experienced craftsmen, in fact, know this very well, so choose wood with maximum attention.

When you buy a Chesterfield sofa, therefore, you must know the material of its inner structure: VAMA Divani uses only selected solid wood, and informs the consumer in great detail about all production materials.