Chesterfield Sofa with capitonnè seat: why is special?

Why Chesterfield Sofa with capitonnè seat is considered a special model? To answer this question is necessary to underline the typical features of the Chesterfield Sofa.

The most important aesthetic icon of Chesterfield Sofa is of course the capitonnè, the decoration created by applying some little buttons on the upholstery.

According to the tradition, capitonnè must be realized on the backrest of the sofa and on the armrests; some buttons, furthermore, must be place on the base.

The seat of the most typical Chesterfield Sofa, instead, must be perfectly smooth, free of any embellishment, therefore just for this reason Chesterfield Sofa with capitonnè seat is really a rarity.

How to buy a Chesterfield Sofa like this?

A Chesterfield Sofa with capitonnè seat is very rare, as mentioned, so if you want a sofa like this, is a good advice to contact a specialized company that works in a traditional way.

VAMA Divani is of course a good example: this Italian company produces its Chesterfield sofas with great artisan experience, and can realize the most disparate customizations.

If you contact VAMA Divani you can buy a customized Chesterfield Sofa with capitonnè seat being safe its delivery direct to your door.