Chesterfield Sofa with oblique backrest: what is it?

Chesterfield Sofa with oblique backrest is a very interesting creation, and is of course very original piece of furniture.

Chesterfield Sofa, just like all sofas, has a straight backrest; in traditional Chesterfield sofa, precisely, backrest has the same height of the armrests, although there are also models with a higher backrest.

Chesterfield Sofa with oblique backrest is a suggestive variant, a very particular sofa that is usually called Dormeuse.

A sofa like this can be used like traditional sofa, so to sit, or also to stretch, for a maximum relaxation: the absence of one of the two armrests, in fact, makes it perfect for this use, too.

Chesterfield Sofa with oblique backrest is perfect you want a perfect comfort, but is at the same time a very special piece of furnishing from the point of view of the design: sofas like this, in fact, are typical of the most ancient and luxurious living rooms.

Being a Chesterfield Sofa, obviously, this special model has all the typical features of this famous English sofa: its upholstery is made in leather or in faux-leather, and mostly there is the capitonnè, perfectly done on all the backrest and on the armrest.

Is not simply to find in market a Chesterfield Sofa with oblique backrest, so if you are looking for a piece of furniture like this is a good choice to contact a craft company.

VAMA Divani is an Italian artisan company specialized in Chesterfield sofas of all types, and can offer to you a lot of different Chesterfield Sofa with oblique backrest, also products in customized way.