Chesterfield Sofa with only one armrest

Chesterfield Sofa with only one armrest is a very particular creation, a unique piece of furniture, a real jewel for the more experienced collector.

Chesterfield Sofa, like all sofas, has two armrests, and this variant presents the particularity to have only a single armrest; at the same time, however, this sofa presents all the typical features of this fantastic English sofa, or rather the upholstery in leather (or in faux leather), the famous decoration capitonnè and all other handcrafted finishes.

When experts speak about Chesterfield sofas with only one armrest, usually refer to the so called “Dormeuse”.

Dormeuse is a special kind of Chesterfield Sofa, a piece of furniture that has just the particularity of having a single armrest and, at the same time, an oblique back; Dormeuse Chesterfield is therefore a sort of Chaise Longue, that can be used both for sitting and for lying down.

The particular Chesterfield Sofa that you can admire in the picture is not a Dormeuse, but is a properly understood Chesterfield Sofa in which an armrest is absent.

This so unusual Chesterfield Sofa is a creation by VAMA Divani, Italian company specialized in the production of Chesterfield sofa that produces only in traditional way.

If you want a Chesterfield Sofa like this, VAMA Divani can create it for you and can ship it worldwide!