Chesterfield Sofa with studded upholstery, a very classic decoration

Chesterfield Sofa with studded upholstery is a particular kind of sofa, a very interesting model for classic style lovers.

Studded upholstery is a suggestive and intriguing detail, ad a lot of customers appreciate it.

However, what’s a “studded upholstery”?

When we speak about studded upholstery in a Chesterfield Sofa, we refer to the little brass buttons that embellish this ancient and wonderful piece of furniture.

According to tradition, these buttons must be positioned on the frontal part of the sofa, exactly in correspondence of the base and of the armrests.

This is a very classic decoration, and it offers a very interesting aesthetic effect.

To create a studded upholstery requires a very laborious handmade work: is known, moreover, that to realize a good Chesterfield Sofa is fundamental the experience of a professional craftsman.

Is not difficult to find in market a good Chesterfield Sofa with studded upholstery, ad if you want a very quality model you can contact the Italian company VAMA Divani.