Chesterfield Sofa with unique seat pillow: why is special?

Chesterfield Sofa with unique seat pillow is a very special model of Chesterfield Sofa, and is not simply to admire a sofa like this.

Why this Chesterfield Sofa is so particular?

Chesterfield Sofa is traditionally created with a pillow for every seat, for every place, so a two-seater sofa must have two pillows, a three-seater three and so on.

Chesterfield Sofa with unique seat pillow is a sofa that changes this conception: this model presents in fact only one pillow, regardless of the number of its seats.

In the picture you can admire an interesting model like this, exactly a two-seater Chesterfield Sofa with a bright red leather upholstery.

This sofa is absolutely faithful to tradition: the capitonné is well done on the backrest and on the armrests, the pillow has a smooth surface, and all finishes are perfectly classic.

This sofa is traditional in every aspect, therefore, but the particular of the unique pillow does not go unnoticed.

Chesterfield Sofa with unique seat pillow is extremely rare, so if you are looking for a sofa like this is very hard to find it on the market: is of course a good idea to contact an artisan company specialized in Chesterfield sofas that can create for you a customized model.

VAMA Divani is a famous Italian company that produces only in traditional way: the model that you can see in the photo is just realized by it, and VAMA Divani can create for you Chesterfield sofas with unique seat pillow in many different dimensions, colours and forms.

Your customized Chesterfield Sofa can ben worldwide shipped by the company without problems.