Chesterfield Sofa with wide armrests: what is it?

Chesterfield Sofa with wide armrests is a very rare kind of Chesterfield Sofa, and can be the perfect choice for a very luxury context.

Chesterfield Sofa, or rather the oldest sofa in the world, has a well-defined shape, but sometimes artisans revisit them in an innovative way: is this the case of Chesterfield Sofa with wide armrests.

This special Chesterfield sofa is created by VAMA Divani, important Italian company that produces only in traditional way and that has an unparalleled passion for Chesterfield sofas.

VAMA Divani’s artisans have created this sofa with particular wide armrests, a detail that makes the sofa more classic and more refined.

This feature is very unusual, of course, but at the same time this Chesterfield sofa is absolutely faithful to tradition: its upholstery is in quality leather and the capitonné, the famous icon of Chesterfield sofas, is very well done.

At the same time this special Chesterfield sofa presents some other special details, for example the smooth base, unusual in the most typical Chesterfield sofas, and the decorative metal buttons positioned on the base and on the armrests.

If you like this very intriguing Chesterfield sofa you can contact VAMA Divani: the company can realize for you this wonderful sofa in customized way, and can send it at your home.