Chesterfield with smooth base: a very rare model

Chesterfield Sofa with smooth base is a very rare kind of Chesterfield Sofa, and a sofa like this can be of course a very good piece of furnishing for a classic and elegant living room.

A few days ago we have posted an article dedicated to the base with buttons, a detail that can be considered the most important feature of Chesterfield Sofa, together with the famous capitonnè.

The base with some of buttons applied on the upholstery in aligned and equidistant way is extremely common in Chesterfield sofas, so a sofa without this feature is very particular and stylish.

As you can see looking the picture, a Chesterfield Sofa like this presents smooth surfaces on its base and on the seat cushions, instead capitonnè is created on the backrest and on the armrests, in traditional way.

Is not simply to find in market a Chesterfield Sofa like this, so if you want a Chesterfield Sofa with smooth base is important to contact a specializing artisan company that can create customized Chesterfield sofas for you.

VAMA Divani can made perfectly done Chesterfield sofa and can make for you a lot of customizations: choosing this Italian company, therefore, you can buy easily online the Chesterfield Sofa with smooth base that you require.