Chesterfield without capitonnè: what is it?

Is possible to buy a Chesterfield Sofa without capitonnè? Absolutely yes, but a sofa like this is extremely rare.

Chesterfield Sofa and capitonnè are inseparable: capitonnè, in fact, is the main feature of this famous English sofa.

The so called capitonnè is the decoration created on the backrest and on armrests, applying equidistantly a series of buttons, and the furniture experts know well that capitonnè is a sort of icon of Chesterfield sofas.

A Chesterfield Sofa without capitonnè is of course an unusual kind of “Chester”, but is at the same time a very interesting sofa.

Is very difficult to find on the market a Chesterfield Sofa without capitonnè, and if you want to buy this so unique piece you have to contact an artisan company.

VAMA Divani can create for you this strange and unusual creation: the company produces only in traditional way, so can satisfy this and many more requests.