Classic Chesterfield Armchair: its typical features

Classic Chesterfield Armchair is of course a very famous and elegant piece of furniture, and just like Chesterfield Sofa is considered one of the most ancient furnishings in the world.

Classic Chesterfield Armchair is a creation perfectly corresponding to the Chesterfield Sofa, both in its inner structure than in its external design.

If we speak about the main features of classic Chesterfield Armchair, therefore, we list the same features of Chesterfield Sofa, beginning with the upholstery rigorously made in leather, or alternatively in faux-leather.

Upholstery must be decorated with capitonnè, the most typical feature of Chesterfield furnishings design created applying some buttons on the upholstery, equidistantly.

The creation of capitonnè requires great experience and a very good know-how, so is simply impossible to realize a capitonnè in industrial way, and this decoration is usually made on the backrest and on the internal part of lateral armrests.

The design of a Chesterfield Armchair is also embellished by a lot of remarkable handmade finishings, for example those of the front part of the armrests.

In a good Chesterfield Armchair the inner structure must be made in solid wood, this is very important for the resistance, and obviously there must be steel springs or elastic straps, fundamental for the comfort.

In the typical Chesterfield armchairs backrest has the same height of the armrests, are also very usual the wooden supports with round shape.

In addition to traditional models, on the market there are also a lot of alternative Chesterfield armchair, for example small size models, executive armchairs, presidential armchairs and many more.