Corner Chesterfield Sofa: a very fine furniture

In recent times the furniture companies often produce corner sofas: these sofas are perfect for limited size living room, therefore to optimize the space, and are a so beautiful choice also for their design.

Chesterfield sofas can also be chosen in the corner variation: corner Chesterfield sofa are rather rare, but is not improbable to find it in the market: if you want to buy a corner Chesterfield sofa, is a very good idea to contact a craft company specializes in custom realizations.

Corner Chesterfield sofa, therefore, has a particular shape: this sofa is created to be place in any right

corner of the room, but is in the same way a good idea to place it in the heart of the living room, otherwise placing adjacent to the wall only one of its sides.

The design of a good corner Chesterfield sofa must be the same of the traditional Chesterfield sofa: leather or faux-leather upholstery, wooden round shaped supports, handcrafted finish, and of course the indispensable capitonnè, the decoration considered the icon of these wonderful English sofas.

Relatively to the size there are several variants, from very small models, ideal for small living rooms, to great corner Chesterfield sofa, on which can sit many people simultaneously.

In the market there are also some special corner Chesterfield sofa, for example those with chaise longue; is really a good idea, furthermore, to combine a sofa with a pouf, the so called “ottoman”.