Curved armrests Chesterfield Sofa: a very special creation

Curved armrests Chesterfield sofa is a very special kind of Chesterfield Sofa, a wonderful choice for the lovers of this famous English sofa that desire a touch of personality in their furniture.

Chesterfield Sofa has a very strict tradition, but is absolutely possible to customize it, and this is a clear example of this.

This wonderful mode is faithful to tradition, it has in fact a perfectly done capitonné, a leather upholstery and all the typical finishes, at the same time it presents a special particularity, or rather the shape of the armrests.

The armrests of this Chesterfield Sofa presents an unusual roundness that gives style and personality to this creation: the design of this “Chester” is absolutely vintage and very elegant.

Curved armrests are the main feature of this model, at the same time this element of furniture presents other little details, for example metal bullets that embellish the base and the front of the armrests.

You like this unusual Chesterfield Sofa?

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