Customized Chesterfield Chaise Longue: why choose it?

Why choose a customized Chesterfield Chaise Longue for own interior designs?

Before answering to this question is interesting to underline what is a Chaise Longue.

Chesterfield Chaise Longue, also called Chesterfield Dormeuse, is a special kind of sofa: it has all the typical features of Chesterfield Sofa, but at the same time presents some particularities.

The two most important features of Chesterfield Chaise Longue are the oblique backrest and the presence of a single armrest, at the same time the seat consist in an unique pillow.

Therefore, why choose a customized Chesterfield Chaise Longue can be a very good idea?

First of all, if you buy a customized Chesterfield Chaise Longue it can perfectly correspond to your spaces: buying a customized Chaise Longue in fact you can place it between two walls, between a wall and another element of furniture… options are really endless!

At the same time, the customization of your Chesterfield Chaise Longue can be purely aesthetic: if you like for example Swarowski buttons for the capitonné, special finishes on the armrests, particular support legs or unusual colours, you can have them contacting a specialized artisan company.

VAMA Divani is a very important Italian company that produces only in traditional way, and that can send your order directly at your home, all over the world.

VAMA Divani can customize your Chesterfield Chaise Longue in many different ways and guarantees an extremely high quality product, absolutely handmade.