Dormeuse Sofa Bed: what is it?

What is Dormeuse Sofa Bed? This kind of piece of furniture is very particular and unusual, so let’s see what are its main features.

Sofa bed, as known, is a sofa that can be transformed in a bed, and vice versa, by a simple gesture.

Can be really comfortable to have a piece of furniture like this: a sofa bed, in fact, consents to use a room both like bedroom and like living room, according to the needs of the moment, for this reason sofa beds are often used in small apartments.

When a sofa bed is in its “sofa” version, its design is perfect, so is impossible to note that it has this particular feature.

Made this premise we can ask ourselves: what is Dormeuse Sofa Bed?

Dormeuse Sofa Bed is a sofa bed with the typical aesthetic features of the Dormeuse, a strange and interesting piece of furnishing.

Dormeuse is a particular bed that you can use to lie down or to sit, and this bed presents also interesting design features: first of all, it has only an armrest, at the same time the backrest is oblique.

If you contact VAMA Divani you can buy a wonderful and customized Chesterfield Dormeuse Sofa Bed, a very efficient piece of furnishing, perfect if you like classic design and if you want to use the same room like living room or like bedroom.