Golden finish for Chesterfield Sofa: a very interesting detail

Golden finish is a very attractive decoration for Chesterfield Sofa, and is a good idea if you like elegant design.

When we speak about Chesterfield sofas we refer primarily to plain sofas, but is not impossible that a Chesterfield sofa has some interesting colour contrasts.

Golden finish is a good example of decoration for Chesterfield Sofa: as we can see in the picture, this detail is made on the front of the sofa, exactly in correspondence of the armrests and on the seat.

A finish like this is perfect for a Chesterfield Sofa in a dark colour: the model in photo, for example, has an upholstery in brown leather, however a detail like this can be a very good choice also for sofas in different colour, for example in red.

The Chesterfield Sofa with golden finish that you can see in the image is created by VAMA Divani, Italian company specialized in Chesterfield sofas that produces only in traditional way, thanks to the great experience of its artisans.

Visiting the e-commerce you can see a lot of sofas, and at the same time you can request a customized model like this: the company is totally available to make for you a Chesterfield Sofa with golden finish, too.